Hannah Acosta

  • Certified level 1 CrossFit Trainer

  • The Brand X Kids Trainer

  • Professional Food Prep

  • Nutrition Coach


Hannah started her CrossFit journey in June of 2015 at 195lbs and barely able to do a sit up after having her third child. Through nutrition and consistency, she quickly lost 40lbs and gained a healthier mind, body and outlook. She received her CrossFit Level 1 Certification in August of 2016 at the CrossFit Ranch in Aromas, California quickly followed by her Brand X certification for kids and teens. She has also been a private caregiver since 2011 which gives her the tools essential to coach the functional fitness class for seniors in our community.

She has a knack for Kettlebells and Dumbbells and is perusing certifications in both as well as flexibility, mobility, and Olympic lifting.

Hannah also offers meal prep and has taken what she learned on her own weight loss journey to now offer nutritional counselling for CrossFit Pick Axe Members and private clients. Her goal is to help everyone reach their optimum healthy life style through patience, consistency and reprogramming how we look at food to fuel our bodies.

Valerie Calvillo

Certified Level 1  Trainer

Registered ER Nurse

Registered Nutrionist

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