Hannah Acosta

  • Certified CrossFit level 1 Trainer

    Seniors Functional Fitness Trainer

  • The Brand X Kids Trainer

    Certified CrossFit Scaling

    Certified Crossfit Anatomy Physiology

  • Nutrition Counseling

    Tough Mudder, Spartan, 1/2 Marathon and Fun Run lover

    Owner CrossFit Pick Axe

Hannah started her CrossFit journey in June of 2015 at 205 lbs 15 months after having her 3rd child. Through nutrition and consistency, she quickly lost 40lbs and gained a healthier mind from postpartum depression, reclaimed her body and possitive outlook. She received her CrossFit Level 1 Certification in August of 2016 at the CrossFit Ranch in Aromas, California quickly followed by her Brand X certification for kids and teens. She has been a private caregiver since 2010 and found herself handling much of the in home physical therapy. That gave her insight into the gaps facing todays seniors and created our Functional Fitness program.

Being a single mom of three deciding to take on ownership of CrossFit Pick Axe in June of 2017 was a big risk and bold descission but has been completely worth it. “We should be in a constant state of growth, striving for a greater quality of life no matter what age or circumstance. I now put my health first so I can not only keep up with my kids but set an example for them to follow. I have enjoyed seeing the growth of this community since opened and can not wait to see where it goes and takes me on the journey.”

She has a knack for Kettlebells and Dumbbells and is perusing certifications in both as well as flexibility, mobility, stongman and Olympic lifting.

Hannah also offers meal prep and has taken what she learned on her own weight loss journey to now offer nutritional counselling for CrossFit Pick Axe Members and private clients.

Valerie Calvillo

Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Registered ER Nurse

Precission Nutrition Certified

Former Navy

Firefighter wife and Momma of 3

Sarah Lindblom

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Personal Training Certificate

10 Year’s Coaching Experience

Mom of Boys and Dirt Bikes

I started Crossfit at the start of 2009- but it was primarily used for conditioning in Mixed Martial Arts. Eventually, my interest in beating people up as I got older decreased and my passions for general health and fitness increased. By 2010 my hubby and I were hitting the gym just for Crossfit and loving every minute of it.

I graduated from Chico State with a BA in Art Studio and a Psych minor. Currently my hands are full with kids to really get back into the kind of sculpture I did before, but I’d like to think that now I’m passionate about sculpting health- physically, mentally and emotionally.

I Crossfitted through two pregnancies and shortly after the first, in 2011, is when I received both my Personal Training Certification and my Level 1 Crossfit Certification. Since then I’ve been coaching and enjoying the journey myself! I feel blessed to have found something that makes continual health and fitness exciting and easily modified for everyone of every walk of life.

Laurie Watkins

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Author and Speaker

Marathon Runner

Dog lover

Laurie A. Watkins is an accomplished coach, speaker, and the author of Go From Stressed to Strong: Health and Fitness Advice from High Achievers. In 2010, Laurie joined a CrossFit gym, changed her diet, eating habits, sleeping habits, and learned how to efficiently manage her time and stress even while working in a high performing job. Laurie believes that being strong isn’t just about being able to lift heavy, it’s also about preparing yourself – both physically and mentally – for the tests that life will put you through. A native Floridian who comes to us by way of Washington, D.C., Laurie is a beach lover, avid hiker, three-time marathon runner, novice skier, and lover of yoga and meditation.

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